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Termed it as a secular country, is it really secular?

Probes, Investigation, verdicts are all factors which have made ‘We, the People of India’ to be aware of certain economic transactions pertaining to secular propaganda happening across the country. Though we call our country secular we often forget that the secularism by itself is divided and influenced by various groups, community, people and organizations. However, if we follow up this unsettled debate it is very much clear that this is a political battle between the INC to discreet the right of the current ruling political party in power to show up that the government is absolutely incapable of bringing up policies, reforms and development. To this intention of the INC, the country is unsettled and struggling to depict the true meaning of secularism as stated by Alexander Owics – “Secularism is a basic part of the Constitution and it means equal freedom and respect for all religion.”

Historical records bear certain testimony taken for implementation of St Caprion’s axiom – “extra ecclessium nulla salus” (outside the Church, no salvation). But, historical records do not bear about conversion as salvation anywhere. Though ostensibly secular in objective, the anti-conversion laws in force in various states of India – Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh now spreading in TAMIL NADU (all areas with a significantly high population of tribal, Dalit’s, the depressed castes, and reeling from poverty, illiteracy and abysmal healthcare) in effect gives politicians and influential people a vast row of control over people’s choices in matters of faith and religion.

The breed of Evangelical group is solely responsible for this forced conversion happening in India by taking away roots of this country from its very core moral, history, sanity and ideologies of Hinduism. Well, we, the blinded youth of this country are wholly supporting such activities without even understanding the motives of a highly influential politician or a person who is secretly engaged or is part of the Evangelical community. For the past decades, the new phenomenon over the last 5 years has been the huge increase in evangelical conversions in Chennai and Tamil Nadu (coastal regions) from 2001 as Joshua Missionary states it like 28% conversion rate. In 1998, the Seventh Adventist Church reported 225,000 members as a result of mass conversion but today the number has reached 825,000 wherein this shows that a huge amount of money has come in (foreign funds – NGO’S) and that there is targeted conversion going on.

The control of media converting people in society, buy out of politicians, use of raw muscle and money power, ward of resistance from Hindu organizations  (Baripada incident in Orissa), defame any Hindu saint that resists, destroy Hinduism completely by Converting Targeted Population for instance – the Joshua Project Thessalonica says no more Hindu temples and celebrations, destroy any organization that supports Hinduism( IDRF deprived of all corporate funds by spreading false news), adoption of Hindu arts and culture for their own ends ( a new trend called Christian yoga), legitimizing conversion by the evangelical community are the key steps required for carrying out illegal mass conversions with deception and untruth.

The cataclysm came along with the Atheists and the INC through the establishment of base states. Missionaries gained unprecedented power with INC as they had a high end for bargaining. Leftist has brought in a strategy known as CONDUCT TRIAL BY MEDIA. Interestingly it has been found out that, this line of strategy can be depicted with that of what happened during Hitler’s regime in wiping out Jews. Though Nazi’s wiped-out Jews by putting them in concentration camps, In India, this is going to be a little different through which Christians and Muslims will get reservation and preference in the economy and Hindu’s, especially all the forward castes, will be the new pariahs for this century, unless they convert.

The Vote Bank politics will result in complete marginalization of Hindus and might even have second-class citizen status. The lack of vision seems to have started from the first Prime Minister of India himself and for the pseudo-secular media where anything anti-Hindu is worth a few more dashes and points on their hit board.

Constitution of India guarantees freedom of religion, stating the right of an individual to choose her religion. This is not in question. It prohibits conversion due to inducement, undue influence, coercion, or use of any threats to anyone. But, this right is misused, forced and compelled.

Some apologists ask – where are the complaints about inducement or coercion? For this, one has to wide openly understand, realize and read the history with regard to what is good and bad for their country.

Aishwarya Hariharan
Advocate at Madras High Court || Political writer || Cultural History Buff

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