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Kerala Model Secularism: Madrasa teacher makes Rs. 6000 /month, Vedic school Teacher makes almost nothing.

The southern state of India is highly acclaimed for its achievements in education and healthcare. Kerala has been topping the chart for providing the best primary education and healthcare services when compared to all other states in the country. But the most illustrious quality of the state that both the changing UDF and LDF governments squabble to take credit for is the ‘secularism’ of the state. People of Kerala believe that the state is by far the most secular among all other states. But many a

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Termed it as a secular country, is it really secular?

Probes, Investigation, verdicts are all factors which have made ‘We, the People of India’ to be aware of certain economic transactions pertaining to secular propaganda happening across the country. Though we call our country secular we often forget that the secularism by itself is divided and influenced by various groups, community, people and organizations. However, if we follow up this unsettled debate it is very much clear that this is a political battle between the INC to discreet the right

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