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Termed it as a secular country, is it really secular?

Probes, Investigation, verdicts are all factors which have made ‘We, the People of India’ to be aware of certain economic transactions pertaining to secular propaganda happening across the country. Though we call our country secular we often forget that the secularism by itself is divided and influenced by various groups, community, people and organizations. However, if we follow up this unsettled debate it is very much clear that this is a political battle between the INC to discreet the right

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Enough. Stop this victim card politics Mr. Shah! Muslims aren’t in danger in India.

Recently the famous actor Mr. Naseeruddin Shah, made a statement that there is a state of unease and insecurity among the Muslims of India and that he doesn’t find India safe for his children. This statement was backed by certain sections of the media who have been going on with this narrative of insecurity among Muslims for quite some time now. They have portrayed India is a Hindu state where Muslims are oppressed and made to live in fear. Sadly

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